Badging Programs FAQ

Is an ID Badge Required by TSA?

At this time there is no requirement from TSA that you issue a specific ID Badge to your employees. These are regional requirements by Airports and FBO's.

Why should my employees have an ID Badge?

Presently NATA, NBAA and other associations have published best practices. Among the best practices, it is highly recommended that all employees be issued and clearly display ID Badges at all times when at the airport.

What will wearing the ID Badge do for my employees?

  • Many FBO's are now requiring ID Badges or, they are taking sensitive personal information from your pilots prior to issuing a temporary badge so they can access the Flight Line. (i.e. Drivers License and Social Security Numbers).
  • NATA is working with many FBO's who have agreed to accept the Flight Crew Badge from NFCC as identification for ramp access.
  • NATA is also working with TSA to allow the badge to become a standard within the General Aviation Community.
  • An ID Badge identifies your employees to your customers.

How do I send the pictures of our employees to order the badge?

After you pay for the badge, you will be able to upload the image on the WEB site and view the badge prior to shipment.

How long does it take to get the badge?

All badges are shipped within five days after we receive the picture.

How much do badges cost?

Cleared Flight Crew Badge: $34.95
Employee Badge: $29.95
Renewal or Lost Badge: $24.95
Custom Logo on your badges: $250

Additional shipping charges may apply.


Why does the Badge have an Expiration Date?

Normally, the ID Badge expires in 12 Months based on recommendations from TSA and Industry. TSA is discussing what the recurrent Background Check requirements on Flight Crews will be at this time and any decision will drive any modification in Badge Expiration Date.

Is the biometric fingerprint stored on the badge?

The standard badges do not have the biometric fingerprint included.

TSA is presently not scanning cards but is working through pilot programs in defining requirements for the Transportation Worker Identification Card ("TWIC"), which may not involve General Aviation in the short term. NATA is working closely with the TWIC working group to ensure compliance with any requirements as defined. TSA has guided NATA in what has been developed to date.

Optionally, a biometric fingerprint can be encoded on the card. This can then be scanned and used for biometric identification and/or access control entry systems. If you are interested in this optional feature, please contact NATA Compliance Services: or call (800) 788-3210.

Are these badges serialized?

Yes, these badges are serialized. A unique number is assigned to each badge ordered for each employee. This number is printed on the back of the badge. They are high resolution badges, with silhouette images on the back side of the card and are not easily duplicated.

What security features do the badges have?

  • Each badge has its own serial number (see above).
  • The badge is produced with high resolution graphics.
  • There is a silhouette image on the back side of the card.
  • Optionally, the badge may have encoded biometric fingerprint data.

Can these ID Badges also be used as Proximity Cards?

Yes. We can integrate with Prox Systems, Bar Code Systems, Mag Strip and Contact-less gate and entry systems. The goal is the employee carries only one badge. We are currently working with FBO's and GA Airports that would allow badge holders access to the ramp/facilities when they transit. For these custom requirements, please contact NATA Compliance Services: or call (800) 788-3210.

How do I order Badges?

  • Log in.
  • Once you get to your DER Dashboard, click on "Order Services" and follow the instructions.

Do you have guidelines for badge photos?

Yes. Our Badge Photo Guidelines PDF has some helpful information and recommendations on how to supply portrait images for high quality badges.