Drug and Alcohol Programs FAQ

What Drug and Alcohol Program services does NATACS offer?

  • Assistance with Submission of FAA Application for New or Amended Program to the FAA.
  • Set up of drug and alcohol collection facilities.
  • Set up of laboratory services.
  • Provision of Custody and Control Forms.
  • Provision of Training Materials (Employee and Supervisory).
  • Provision of Standard DOT-compliance Policy Statements.
  • Pre-Employment, Random, Post-Accident, Reasonable Suspicion, Return-to-Duty, or Follow-Up Drug/Alcohol Testing.
  • Generate Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Lists.
  • Management and Delivery of Drug and Alcohol data via Web, Fax, IVR, or Mail.
  • Web-based document management of Custody and Control Forms and Drug Test Results.
  • Annual MIS Report Preparation.
  • Regulatory Update of DOT Drug and Alcohol Program Requirements.
  • Substance Abuse Professional Referral Service.
  • Audit Preparation Assistance.
  • Audit Corrective Action Assistance.

When can I start drug testing my employees after I sign up with NATA Compliance Services?

Once you receive the Custody and Control Forms (CCF), you can begin testing your employees. You will receive your forms in about 10 days or less after you sign on.

How can I obtain additional information such as pricing so I can begin using NATA Compliance Services' Drug and Alcohol Program Management Service?

Contact NATA Compliance Services at (800) 788-3210 or email at info@NATACS.aero.