NATACS Blogger, Emily Vest-Barrenchea

Senior Client Success Manager, NATA Compliance Services

Emily3.jpgEmily is our Senior Client Success Manager. From the moment new clients create an account with NATA Compliance Services, Emily Vest-Barrenchea is there to provide them the support they require. This includes providing online tutorials for administrative roles, answering questions on the various services we provide, and assessing a company’s needs and then pairing them with those services to meet objectives. She considers our clients’ success as her own and loves establishing a relationship of trust with them.

Before Emily joined the team, she worked as an account manager in the small-medium business financial services sector and was a top volume account manager for Microsoft Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Business. When Emily is not helping clients, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters. Her interests include dance, especially contemporary; fantasy football; college basketball; books; and movies. She also promotes local bands online through social media.

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