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    Anti-Drug & Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program Management

    Managing your anti-drug and alcohol testing program is a serious responsibility. When you use NATA Compliance Services as your Third Party Administrator (TPA) you'll be sure to meet those responsibilities every time.

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    The top 10 reasons to consider NATACS as your TPA are:

    1. Electronic platform 
    2. Medical Review Officer (MRO) services 
    3. Random drug and alcohol list generation 
    4. Free audit preparation 
    5. Notification of updates to the rules 
    6. Liaison between operator and FAA Drug Abatement 
    7. Coordination of testing requirements: Pre-employment drug testing, Reasonable Suspicion drug/alcohol testing,  Post Accident drug/alcohol testing, Return-to-Duty drug/alcohol testing, Follow-Up drug/alcohol testing
    8. Training materials 
    9. Online document management
    10. Constant communications on regulation changes and regulation reminders

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