Fingerprinting Services

CHRC Fingerprints

Hiring decisions are tough enough as is. You have a ton of qualified applicants, and a big piece of the puzzle is the results of their CHRC (Criminal History Record Checks). This tends to take too long and is too complicated to be a part of the process you enjoy. Between finding time to get your applicants fingerprinted to waiting weeks or months for results, this process can not only be laborious but frustrating.

At NATACS, we have hundreds of fingerprint technicians, domestically and internationally, who are ready to serve you. You can get your CHRC results in days, not months. Our technicians are trained professionals who take high quality prints in a professional and friendly environment. We will help you comply with TSA regulations so you can hire with confidence.

To learn more about the numerous fingerprinting programs we support, click here.

Alien Flight Student Program Prints

The fingerprinting process can be the longest part of the approval process for Alien Flight Students. If students decide to go to a Local Law Enforcement Office or U.S. Embassy to get printed, they must be escorted. Additionally, their prints must then be sent snail mail to NATACS. By using our trained technicians, you can speed up the process with no escort needed, and prints are instantly submitted!

You have a choice in where you go to get fingerprinted. Why not choose the quicker, more accurate option?

Become A Certified Technician

Fingerprints are required for a multitude of different programs, especially in the Aviaiton Industry. Furthermore, the options for this specific population to get their prints taken is limited. Get you and other members of your company certified, and start collecting prints for aviation programs! Click here to learn more!