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    Employee Identification

    Employee Identification

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is an ID badge/credential required by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)?

    At this time there is no requirement from TSA stating operators must issue a specific ID badge to employees. These are regional requirements by airports and Fixed Base Operators. However,in its 2017 "Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airports and Users," TSA does mention airports may want to look into card identification systems for employees.

    Why should my company implement employee identification?

    Presently NATA, NBAA and other associations have published best practices for business aviation. Among the best practices, it is highly recommended that all employees be issued and clearly display ID badges at all times when at the airport. This is for the security of both employees and society as a whole. Too often there have been incidents of people impersonating officials, employees or aircraft owners to gain access to secure areas.

    What will wearing a company ID do for my employees?

    • More FBOs are now requiring ID badges or taking sensitive personal information from your pilots prior to issuing a temporary badge so they can access the flight line (i.e. Government-issued photo ID and FAA pilot certificate). Having a credential already in hand will reduce the time it takes for your employees to access these areas.
    • An ID badge allows customers to easily identify your employees, making it easier for your employees to gain their trust.
    • Many businesses provide discounts or other benefits to crewmembers. A professional credential that identifies your crew will help facilitate this.

    How will employee identification help my company?

    • If an employee is having a bad day or providing poor customer service, a credential will allow customers to easily identify that individual to upper management.
    • A credential worn at all times improves the safety and security of your employees by preventing outsiders from entering the premises without proper identification. 
    • Any basic credential will have the company logo or name printed directly on the ID which will enhance the overall brand recognition of your company.

    What identification options does NATA Compliance Services offer?

    NATA Compliance Services (NATACS) currently offers two types of credentials. CrewID and the Known Crewmember® badge. 

    What are the main differences between the CrewID and the Known Crewmember® Badge?

    CrewID™ Known Crewmember®
    • Available for almost all business aviation companies including, but not limited to the following: FBOs, Corporate Charter, Part 91, 125, 135 & 145 operators. • Participation in the Known Crewmember® (KCM®) Program is voluntary and is limited to Part 125 and 135 operators with either a Twelve-Five Standard Security Program or a Private Charter Standard Security Program.
    • CrewID™ gives companies the flexibility to enroll whoever they believe needs a CrewID™ credential. This could be a fueler, ramp agent, pilot or administrator. • Only certain FAA-certified positions are allowed to participate in the program.
    • Can use crew lanes when traveling internationally, but does not allow badge holders to access the KCM® Access Points. • Access to the dedicated KCM® Access Points at 110 commercial airports.
    • CrewID™ is color-coded based on their position. Available for flight crews, ground crews and medical crews. • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is involved with the administration of KCM®.

    CrewID KCM Rules