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    Known Crewmember® Pilot Information

    Pilot Information

    The Known Crewmember® Program is a risk-based screening system that enables the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security officers to positively verify the identity and employment status of flight crewmembers. The program expedites flight crewmember access to sterile areas of airports, reduces passenger screening and line congestion, enhances security, and makes airport checkpoint screening more efficient for all who depend on air transportation.


    As an employee, to be eligible for KCM®, you must:

    • ✓ Be actively operating under your employer's 135 or 125 certificate
    • ✓ Be actively operating under your employer's TSA TFSSP or PCSSP certificate
    • ✓ Be an FAA-certified flight crewmember

    Please note: Crewmembers are not eligible for KCM® unless their employer is participating in the program. 

    Key Program Points:

    • 15 seconds normal transit through 204 KCM® dedicated access points at 112 commercial airports
    • NO UNIFORM REQUIRED - Crew members transiting a KCM® access point do not need to be in uniform, but a third form of ID must be presented.
    • Use for work or personal (domestic only) travel
    • Utilize the KCM® ID Badge to enjoy crewmember discounts at many airports, restaurants and hotels.
    • Arriving internationally at Customs - use the Crew Lane
    • TSA-approved flight crew ID badge and KCM® barcode issued for expedited access (co-branded for your flight operation)
    • No hassle and no stress. Avoid the regular airport security checkpoints lined with thousands of public travelers. 


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