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Our customers are the key to our success. Therefore, we strive to provide the highest level of world class customer service.

But don't take our word for it. Read what our customers say below about the Known Crewmember® program (KCM®).

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NATA provides a wonderful KCM® service. I call it my Magic Pass. TSA Security Checks in seconds!

Stephen Roberts, First Officer, Aircraft Charter Services, Inc.


The best thing our company has ever done! Made our life so much easier.

Ralph Horton, Captain, Mac Air Group


Works great, love the ease and stress reduction. I commute from LAX often and it's so nice to walk past the always long lines.

Ian Marks, Captain, flyExclusive


Awesome system, TSA Employees are prompt and friendly.

Estuardo (Tony) Perdomo, Chief Pilot, Exec 1 Aviation


The KCM® program is going wonderfully. I use it all of the time. We have 116 pilots who use the badge and it works great. When I go through the KCM® access point I never have to wait and never have anyone in front of me in line. They just scan my badge, verify the information, and I am on my way. It takes a process that has always been painful and makes it PAINLESS. 

William McNease, Vice President, Flight Operations & Director of Operations, Priester Aviation, LLC


Crew feedback on Known Crewmember® has been stellar.

Pilots love it. It's been working well at those airports that offer the KCM® entry. One particular instance where one of our pilots had it, the other didn't, was Newark (EWR) airport. The pilot with the KCM® badge walked right through and enjoyed a cold beverage in the terminal, while the other took nearly an hour to get past TSA.

We've heard numerous stories like this. It's been a big hit for our crews.

Alexander H. Beringer, Executive Vice Presidents, Fair Wind Air Charter


I use KCM® myself and I can tell you it’s awesome; I save time by being able to stay in the office a little longer since I don’t have to go through the long TSA lines; I can schedule my time much better and it has never taken me more than 15 seconds to go through a KCM lane in FLL, SFO, EWR, MIA, etc. with or without uniform. Absolutely awesome.

Oscar Arce, CEO & Director of Operations, Presidential Aviation, Inc.


We are using the KCM® and it is a wonderful product.  I personally have used it at ORD and CLT last week, it works. The program is wonderful and I highly recommend it.

Ron Duitsman, Owner, Integrated Flight Resources


The Known Crewmember® Program is working fantastic. All of our flight crews are enrolled and I have heard of no issues to date.

Chad Seedorf, Chief Pilot, Northern Illinois Flight Center


Our pilots love the KCM® Program

Nick Reinardy, Chief Pilot, Journey Aviation