NATA Employee Life & Disability Insurance | Pilot Loss of License

A crucial safety & benefit program

We all know the more you buy… the better value you get.

That’s why the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and Harvey Watt & Co. partnered to create NATA’s Loss of Medical License Disability Insurance Program. By pooling our membership together, we are now able to offer exclusive rates and plan features previously only available to major airlines.

65 years ago, all major US airlines made available Loss of License Insurance through Harvey Watt & Co. Today, we have seen pilot unions demand this coverage from NATA member companies.

Pilots polled have shown that compensation and loss of medical license benefits rank highest with pilots polled.

A comprehensive benefit program provides a safety net for pilots with issues to self-ground safely.

Industry Best Practices
Harvey Watt administers the programs for 65,000 pilots — see how you stack up.

FAA Medical Certification Services provide doctor representation to keep pilots in the cockpit saving employers money.

Program Features:

  • Group loss of medical license disability & life insurance rates
  • Tailored plan designs: employer OR employee paid options available
  • Discount: Insurance discount if your pilots already have NATA Medical Certification Services
  • Value: combination of plan design features & rates

See how much you can save on coverage for all your employees.

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