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January 23, 2014

7 HR Tasks You Should Start Outsourcing Today

Brenda Stoltz

If you’re not a giant company, you probably don’t have the resources to fully dedicate to housing an entire human resources department. To that end, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. Rather than risk having half-trained airport or transportation staff and being out of compliance with TSA regulations, consider outsourcing some (or all) of these common HR tasks.

1. Payroll

Payroll can be a complex animal to manage, especially as you grow your organization. There are taxes, vacation days, overtime, and benefits to manage, and you don’t want to risk being audited. Outsourcing payroll-related tasks can free up your staff for more important and pressing matters, and can ensure your employees get paid — correctly — on time each pay period.

2. Employee Benefits

And speaking of benefits: with Obamacare a hot topic, you might be scratching your head about how it affects you and what you need to do differently for your employee-sponsored health plan. Let a professional HR services company handle it; they’re up to speed on all the regulations of the Affordable Care Act, and can help ensure you’re compliant. You may also be able to find more affordable health plans, especially if you’re a smaller company, through an outsourced provider.

3. Worker’s Compensation

Unfortunately, accidents happen in the workplace. Rather than try to juggle claims, hand the work over to trained and knowledgeable underwriters, loss control specialists and claim managers that can assess your company’s risk management process and make recommendations for reducing worker’s compensation claims.

4. Background Checks & Fingerprints

With so many regulations in the aviation industry, it’s more important than ever to get background checks and fingerprints on all your staff. Rather than hunting out an approved provider in your town, turn the work over to an HR outsourcer who knows what you need to do to remain compliant.

5. Training

It seems like as soon as you train one batch of employees, a requirement changes and you need to do it again. Working with an HR services provider that specializes in security awareness training for the aviation industry training means your staff will always be TSA and FAA compliant. The added bonus? Often your new hires can complete this training online, freeing your staff up to get back to work sooner.

6. Drug Testing

Another requirement for the air transportation industry, as you know, is regular drug testing. While this may be fairly easy to do on your own, you may actually realize cost savings if you bundle your drug and alcohol program needs with other services, like background checks and fingerprinting.

7. ID Badging

The identification industry has grown leaps and bounds with newer technologies, but if you’re a small airport, as an example, you may not be able to afford a biometric identification system on your own. Working with an HR services provider can get you access to the latest ID technology to meet your security compliance needs.

In the long run, it often makes more sense to outsource your human resource needs to a single company who can help you remain compliant with TSA and FAA regulations and help you save money.

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