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Contractor Compliance Worksheet for FAA Drug and Alcohol Testing Compliance

Posted on Thu, Oct 05, 2006

Recent clarifications to FAA Regulations regarding drug and alcohol testing require certain contractors and subcontractors to comply with stringent testing and program compliance. The Contractor Compliance Worksheet (CCW) below can help determine whether your contractors or subcontractors are in compliance with these regulations.

According to the FAA Final Rule, "each employee, including any assistant, helper, or individual in a training status, who performs a safety-sensitive function listed in this section directly or by contract (including by subcontract at any tier) for an employer as defined in this appendix must be subject to drug testing under an antidrug/alcohol program implemented in accordance with this appendix. This includes full-time, part-time, temporary, and intermittent employees regardless of the degree.

Do these regulations apply to your contractors or subcontractors? Companies failing to comply can face stiff penalties. Rather than risking these penalties, it is impera

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