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Fingerprint Statuses and Revised Employer Manual

Posted on Fri, Apr 06, 2012

NATA Compliance Services had added a revised Employer Manual to the support section of our website. This Manual gives updated instructions on important actions like viewing and editing employees, ordering fingerprints, and adding new employees.

Also included in the manual is definitions of the status and results sections of fingerprint orders.

Updated fingerprint status and results definitions

Fingerprint Statuses and Revised Employer Manual

Each Fingerprint Check service is associated with one or both of the following Fingerprinting Programs:

  • 125: Twelve Five Standard Security Program (TFSSP)
  • DASSP: DCA Access Standard Security Program
  • PCSSP: Private Charter Standard Security Program

The STATUS column can have one of the following status codes:

  • Unpaid: Payment for the Fingerprint Check is still pending.
  • Paid: Payment for the Fingerprint Check has been received by NATA Compliance Services
  • Prior: Another Fingerprint Collection Service previously did a Fingerprint Check and the results were transferred to the NFCC system
  • Transferred: The Fingerprint Check results were transferred from the ROBOTS system.

The EMPLOYEE FORM COMPLETED column indicates whether or not the Employee being fingerprinted has logged into the system and provided his/her demographics data printed/downloaded the Fingerprint Control Form.

The RECEIVED AT NFCC column gives the date the Employee’s fingerprints and Fingerprint Control Form was received by NFCC for processing.

The RESULTS column gives the current results status of the fingerprint process using one of the following codes:

  • Not Initiated: The CHRC has been ordered but the employee has not logged on and entered his/her demographic data.
  • In Process: The employee has logged on and entered his/her demographic data.
  • Pending: (DASSP only.) After ordering a DASSP, the employee must log on, read and agree to the Disclaimer, enter or verify his/her current demographic data, which is required to initiate the Threat Assessment process to access Washington Reagan National Airport. The CHRC and Threat Assessment Name Check have been submitted to TSA for approval or disapproval.
  • In QA: NFCC has received the paperwork and/or fingerprints and is reviewing to ensure completeness. (If there are any deficiencies in this area the DER will be contacted and must take corrective action before the fingerprints is submitted to the TSA.)
  • Submitted: The prints have been submitted to TSA in order to obtain CHRC results.
  • Reprint: The fingerprint result returned as "Unclassifiable" from the TSA, which would require a second set of fingerprints to be submitted to TSA. Only Page 1 (FCCF) has to be returned with the reprint to the NFCC processing center if two sets of fingerprints were not originally submitted.
  • Resubmitted: The "Reprint" has been submitted.
  • Unprintable: The second set of fingerprints are also returned as "Unclassifiable" from TSA. Click on the “Unprintable” link to be taken to a web page that will give further instructions on how to proceed.
  • Pass: TSA has adjudicated the employee's CHRC and issued a "Pass" which permits the flight crewmember to proceed to fly in the Program it applied under (one or combination of TFSSP, PCSSP, DASSP).
  • Fail: TSA has adjudicated the employee's CHRC and issued a "Fail" which disallows that flight crewmember to proceed to fly in the Program he/she applied under. IMPORTANT: The Correction of Record Process document provides specific instructions to be followed by the person who received a "Fail" and believes the criminal history record obtained is inaccurate and wishes to correct the record. A "Fail" may also be displayed if TSA performed a non-fingerprint-based criminal history records check and TSA "Disapproves" that flight crewmember to proceed to fly in the Program he/she applied under.
  • Cleared: TSA has performed a non-fingerprint-based CHRC on the person subsequent to having an "Unprintable" status. TSA has "Approved" that person to fly a commercial aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of greater than 12,500 pounds.

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