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AFSP Program Notification *Fingerprint Email Revision*

Posted on Wed, May 21, 2008

As of the first of March, The TSA has modified the process in which candidates enroll for the AFSP program. This modification has altered the appearance of the fingerprint instruction letter that the candidate receives prior to fingerprinting. The email now states in the title of the email “Documents Accepted / Fingerprint Instructions”. This fingerprint instruction email remains, and has always been, required documentation prior to fingerprinting an AFSP candidate. NATACS procedures have not changed with the TSA modification of the AFSP program. The only change is the way the TSA is processing the AFSP candidate’s information prior to fingerprinting. Moreover, if fingerprints are submitted prior to the TSA email, the candidate’s enrollment will be violation of the program requirement(s). This violation will cause the candidate to re-register (including repayment of all fees) with the AFSP Program, and decertification for the NFCC Certified Collector. Attached is a revised copy of the Fingerprint instruction letter issued by the TSA to AFSP candidate for your review.

Listed below are reminders that you should always reflect on when fingerprinting an AFSP candidate:

  • Never fingerprint any AFSP candidate prior to his/her fingerprint instructions. This includes fingerprinting and storing the fingerprints until the candidates receives approval.
  • When making an appointment, always verify that the individual has received the email from the TSA that states “Documents Accepted / Fingerprints Instructions” specifically. Since TSA communicates to the AFSP candidate through email, the candidate receives many emails, and they all look similar in appearance.
  • NFCC Certified Collectors are not bound by the instruction stated on the email regarding collectors. These instructions are for agencies who authorized to fingerprint outside the NFCC network, and do not apply to NFCC Collector(s). NFCC Collector(s) should always follow the procedures set forth to them by NATACS.
  • AFSP candidate(s) are required to produce a valid, authentic passport when a collector is verifying his/her identity. Fax copies or reproduction can not be accepted at any time. *Only exception is if the candidate is a resident alien, he/she must produce an Alien Resident card and a valid driver’s license.

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