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Snakes on a Plane- The Sequel

Posted on Thu, Feb 07, 2013

Though the movie Snakes On a Plane with Samuel L Jackson was largely considered to be a flop, it appears there has been a sequel, albeit one with a lot less star-power and Hollywood special effects. The sequel starred an actual Quantas flight and a 10-foot long scrub python that found made its way onto the plane.

On a recent Quantas flight between Cairns, Australia and Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, a 10-foot long scrub python snuck past all sterile areas, past security check points and found a cheap seat on the wing of the plane. Scrub pythons are renowned for their ability to hide in enclosed spaces. Paul Cousins of the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association said in an article for the BBC that the snake likely made his way up through the landing bay and eventually made his way to the trailing ledge flap assembly.

Unfortunately, the snake found its way on to the wing during the flight, likely seeking heat. The cold temperatures and high wind speeds did the snake in, though it managed to cling to the wing for the duration of the flight.

This is not the first time a snake has made its way onto a real plane in Australia either. In April 2012, on an Air Frontier flight from Darwin to a remote settlement, a snake popped its head out from behind the instrument panel of a plane a few times before slithering his way down the pilot’s leg. The pilot of that plane was forced to return to Darwin where they found a tree frog also in the plane, likely what the snake was going after in the first place.

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