Pilot Records Management

Aircraft operators with a FAA Part 125, 121 or 135 certificate are required to obtain and review certain records for pilot-applicants before putting them in the cockpit. Our one-stop platform empowers you to manage everything in one place.

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Pilot Records Improvement Act

The Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) ends on September 9, 2024, changing the way some pilot records are accessed.

Requesting PRIA Records

Request these records from us as part of the PRIA process. Received records are stored in our platform where they are always available.

NOTE: Upon the end of PRIA, the Air Carrier Records request will be available through our FAA Pilot Records Database (PRD) services.

Pilot Records Database

The FAA's Pilot Records Database (PRD) contains FAA records as well as air carrier records on regulated pilots. 


PRD Services

Transfer your PRD compliance to us! We act as your proxy, giving you the power to manage these records within one secure and convenient platform. 

Records Retrieval & Storage

Our team logs into the PRD and requests pilot-applicant records on your behalf. Once we pull the records from the PRD, we securely store them in our platform for continuous access and notify you so you can review them. 

Records Entry

Send your new pilot records to us for entry into the PRD. Upon receipt, our team of Subject Matter Experts adds the data within your PRD account in a timely manner, keeping your operation compliant.