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    TSA Security Program Training - Online

    Training at your own pace!

    NATACS provides several training modules to meet the regulatory requirements of TSA security programs. Currently, these modules cover the security programs related to DCA (Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport) Access Standard Security Program (DASSP), Twelve Five Standard Security Program (TFSSP), Fixed Base Operators, as well as the General Security Awareness Training module.

    • TFSSP In-Flight Security Coordinator Training
    • TFSSP Ground Security Coordinator Training
    • TFSSP All Employee Training
    • DASSP In-Flight Security Coordinator Training
    • DASSP Primary and Alternate Security Coordinator Training
    • DASSP All Employee Training
    • DASSP FBO Primary and Alternate Security Coordinator Training
    • DASSP FBO All Employee Training

    An online record of successful completion is created and retained for each individual completing these training modules. All records and training progress can be tracked online including certificate issuance, record retention, and reminders for recurrent training updates, as required.