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Security & Compliance

Get ready to experience a whole new level of safety and security compliance with our innovative platform, powered by the latest emerging technologies. Our platform caters to all your needs with a comprehensive suite of solutions while protecting your digital assets, ensuring data privacy, and helping you comply with regulatory requirements.

Innovative Technologies

Seamlessly obtain and handle all your identity verification services and compliance programs on one integrated, power-packed platform.

Single Data Repository

Effortlessly access, store and manage all your data in a secure, single-source repository that unleashes powerful insights.

One Compliance Resource

Maximize your potential with powerful tools and resources. Gain access to online training and consult with industry experts.

One Platform. One Solution.

Looking for an essential tool to protect your digital environment and meet regulatory requirements? Welcome to our safety and security compliance platform. 

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Single point compliance.

As a critical system in the safe and secure operation of our industry, the NATA CS platform makes compliance more efficient to manage and more secure. Built on a partnership with regulators and the industry, our mission is the safe and secure operation of the industry.

The NATA CS platform delivers one integrated approach to compliance - one platform, one login, secure and safe compliance.

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Integrated Platform Solutions

Utilize our multiple solutions for regulatory compliance and retain your employees' data in a single site.

Background Checks

Request FAA and DOT records for employee/applicants while tracking their progress in the safety and security compliance platform.

Biometric Authentications

Verify your employees' criminal history for TSA Security Program compliance. Results are stored in a highly secure repository.

Credentialing & Badging

Confirm your eligibility for the Known Crewmember® Program or explore our alternate credentialing for aviation operators.

Anti-Drug & Alcohol Program Management

Electronically generate, store and retrieve drug and alcohol testing records and employee documentation.

Comprehensive Online Training t

Provide your employees with online training modules that meet federal regulations and can be completed on their timetable.

Extensive Tools & Resources t

Report generation, checklists, educational videos and Subject Matter Experts are just some of the resources available. 

Single Data Source

One location. Unlimited insights.

Data-driven isn't just a buzz word. You rely on information to make key decisions, optimize processes and even predict outcomes.

Using a platform that offers multiple solutions empowers you to generate data on your employees that can be used to monitor and prove your compliance with federal regulations.

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Compliance v100
Compliance Management

Adherence made easy.

Understanding the rules. To comply with federal regulations, you must first know what they are. Our team of Subject Matter Experts is here to guide you. 

Ensuring organizational compliance. Tailored dashboards show you important details relating to the solutions you are using, giving you a complete picture of your employees' and company's federal compliance.

Preparing inspection reports. Download the documents you need with a simple click to ensure you ready when that inspector comes. 

Securing Identities

Your employees' and company's sensitive data is protected within a secure platform that employs the latest innovative technology. 

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Identity Management

Adaptable to secure operations.

The NATA CS Identity Management platform brings new approach to identity, security and safety management solutions for airports, operators and secure facilities. Delivering all security and safety data in both individual's and operation's view, our partners can manage every aspect of access, training, security, safety, credentialing, drug and alcohol programs and regulatory compliance in one secure location.

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FP Network v3
Fingerprint Technicians

Become a part of our global network.

Over 300 Trusted Agents. Whether you are an aviation operator with a TSA Security Program, or a flight school that provides training to foreign flight students, it is important to make sure the fingerprinting process runs smoothly. 

One way to do that is to become a NATA CS Certified Fingerprint Technician/Trusted Agent. Requirements include background check verification, U.S. citizenship and a professional office location.

Specialized Dashboards

Everything you need to oversee your employees' progress.

Track your orders' status and employees' actions in visual interfaces for the solutions you put to use. See at a glance whether an employee's fingerprints have been submitted, if training has been started or completed, and if background check records are ready for review.

Filters within the dashboards allow you to quickly sort the data displayed while the search feature lets you find a specific employee or item, saving you valuable time for other things.

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Online Training

Investing in Your Employees.

Educating your employees on their role and responsibilities ensures they have a thorough understanding of industry regulations, which is critical for maintaining quality standards and compliance.

Learning at its best

Online training offers your operation many benefits such as convenience, lower costs and comprehensive learning. Plus, your employees can complete it on their own schedule. 



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New modules coming soon!

Keep an eye out for announcements from our team concerning new online training modules. Our team is actively developing videos on topics to fit your safety and security compliance needs. 

Satisfy all your safety & security compliance needs on one platform.

It can be frustrating and time consuming to use multiple platforms for different solutions. Eliminate the hassle with a platform that provides all the solutions you need in one location.

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