News and Notices

FAA MIS Reports Due March 15, 2024

NATACS Closed January 15, 2024

NATACS Closed January 1, 2024

FAA Pilot Records Database in Final Phase

Closed for Thanksgiving

DOT Publishes Final Rule for Oral Fluid Drug Testing

FAA Publishes Pilot Records Database (PRD) Compliance Oversight Notice

NOTICE: REAL ID enforcement deadline extended to 2025

IMPORTANT: Regulatory Anti-Drug & Alcohol Program Reminder

FAA Pilot Records Database (PRD) Deadlines

COVID-19 Verification Required for International Inbound Air Passengers

FAA MIS Reports Due March 15, 2022

FAA Records Checks Must Now be Pulled from the Pilot Records Database

Pilot Records Improvement Act (PRIA) Order Form

2-Year Drug & Alcohol History Check Order Form

DASSP Airman File Check Order Form

NATACS Closed on Memorial Day, May 27, 2024

ATTENTION: Specimen Delays & Revised CCFs Notice

NOTICE: Have you registered for the Pilot Records Database?

NOTICE: FAA Publishes Final Rule for the Pilot Records Database

REAL ID Extension Announced

NATACS Launches CDCCheck™

Onward to 2021

REAL IDs Available in All U.S. States

REAL ID - 95 Million and Counting

NATACS Launches New Security Page

NATACS Implementing Two-Factor Authentication

TSA Begins Expanding PreCheck Program

Final Rule: Combined Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs

New InFO Released by the FAA for Part 121, 135 and 91K operators

Compliance Corner – DOT Testing Errors

Business Aviation Use- Good for Business?

NATA Compliance Services Launches Cockpit-ready Access to Your Data and Critical Regulatory Information

Procedural Change Required Identification needed for AFSP

Temporary Modification of MD-3 Procedures

DASSP, PCSSP, and 12/5 Deletes

Final Rule - Direct Observation for Follow-Up and Return-to-Duty Testing

District Court Decision - Direct Observation

Direct Observation Collections Required (DOT)

LASP NPRM Announcement

49 CFR Part 40 - Change in effective date

Part 40 Federal Register Publications – Final Rule, Effective August 25, 2008

FAA Final Rule - Effective July 21, 2006

AFSP Fingerprinting Instructions

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