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Procedural Change Required Identification needed for AFSP

Posted on Sun, Jul 01, 2012

AFSP confirmed last week, that only one piece of identification is necessary during the verification process.  The student must present a passport or a Lawful Permanent Resident cards or U.S. Drivers License (if asylee or refugee).  This identification should exactly match the student’s name.  It is no longer required to obtain a secondary piece of identification.
This change does not apply to other General Aviation (GA) programs (TFSSP, PCSSP, and DASSP).  For all GA programs, technicians are still required to obtain two, current pieces of government issued identification, and one must have a current photo.

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AFSP Fingerprinting Instructions

Posted on Fri, Mar 10, 2006

Effective 17 April 2006, if a candidate submits/submitted fingerprints prior to paying for his/her training request and receiving the official AFSP fingerprinting instructions, the fingerprints will be invalid and the associated training request will be cancelled. The fingerprints will NOT be applied to any current or future training request. Both the candidate and the provider will receive an email notifying them that the fingerprints are invalid, the training request is cancelled and what steps need to be taken to resolve the problem to complete processing through AFSP.

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