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DOT/FAA Annual MIS Report Due March 15, 2014


This is a reminder that March 15, 2014 is the deadline for DOT/FAA Annual MIS Reporting for calendar year 2013.

Government Shutdown: What to Expect


2013 has been a budgetary year to remember for aviation. Granted, so far, those reasons have been anything but positive. We started with sequestration in the beginning of the year threatening to shut down 238 air traffic control towers, cause lengthy delays at airport security and even kept any branch of service from preforming at air shows around the country. Now, only seven months later, we are met with another budgetary concern; the government shutdown. We have taken a look at what will be suspended and what will continue to operate to try to help you plan with as much care as possible.

Closed For Labor Day


NATACS is closed for Labor Day on Monday, September 2.

TSA Begins Expanding PreCheck Program


On July 19th, the TSA announced an expansion to their PreCheck process. PreCheck currently allows eligible participants to move through security checkpoints much, much faster with fewer disruptions. The PreCheck process previously required travelers to opt-in through a major airline’s frequent flier program. This could only be obtained by those who flew regularly and was only available on that one airline. However, starting later this year, that process is seeing some changes.

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Final Rule: Combined Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs


On July 15, 2013, The FAA's Drug Abatement Division published a Final Rule entitled "Combined Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs". Check it out on their website here.

FAA's New 1500 Hour Rule


This month, the FAA published a Final Rule regarding airline transport pilot (ATP) certificates and training, titled Pilot Certification and Qualification Requirements for Air Carrier Operations. While the final rule itself is 58 pages long, this blog post breaks down the main components of the rule and to whom it applies.

Closed For Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!

In celebration of the Independence Day, We will be closed on the 4th of July, 2013. 

Closed For Memorial Day

Memorial Day

In honor and observance of those who have sacrificed their lives serving in the armed forces, we will be closed Monday, May 27th, 2013 for Memorial Day.

Following the Impacts of Sequestration


Last month, we talked about sequestration as things were just getting started. In the last few weeks, we have seen some new stories develop as well as some details come into the light. As promised, we have continued to monitor these stories and here is what we have found.

The Flight of the Landfill


Alternative fuels have gained a great deal of attention recently, including in aviation. Rising fuel costs are a highly discussed topic. Solving aviation’s rising fuel costs has lead to the need for alternative fuels. The creation of these fuels requires innovation, ingenuity and an open mind. This leads us to an intrepid Aussie who proposed a better way to fuel his plane, plastic. What better way to test the fuel with a trans hemispherical journey.

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