Insider Threat

Insider threat refers to individuals with privileged access to sensitive areas and/or information who intentionally or unwittingly misuse or allow others to misuse this access to exploit vulnerabilities in an effort to compromise security or facilitate criminal activity, terrorism, or other illicit actions that inflict harm to people, an organization, the air transportation system or national security.


Data-Driven Resilience: How Agencies Can Protect Against Insider Threats

Published by HS Today 9 October 2020
During a two-year period, including 2020, there was a 47% increase in breaches caused by insider threat. In addition to this risk, agencies must also watch out for risks generated by the increasing number of employees working from home.
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Is Your Agency’s Insider Threat Strategy Missing This Major Element?

Published by HS Today 29 September 2020
National Insider Threat Awareness Month (NITAM) may be coming to an end, but you can still take proactive steps in mitigating your operation’s risk. Insider threat can cause more damage than you think. Ensure your operation’s insider threat strategy isn’t lacking important factors.
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Top 10 Tips to Prevent Insider Threats

Published by Security Boulevard 9 September 2020
Are you aware of the possible threats that could occur within your organization? Do you have a plan in place to prevent these threats? If not, take a moment to look over these top 10 tips to help mitigate insider threat. Just because something hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it can’t happen eventually.
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Mapping the Motives of Insider Threats

Published by Help Net Security 8 September 2020
What are some of the motivators that lead insiders to commit a crime? What if there is no motive, and it was simply human error? Considering its National Insider Threat Awareness Month, it’s a great opportunity to educate yourself on this topic to help mitigate possible threats to your organization.
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Six Industry Experts on Spotting, Stopping and Preventing Insider Threats

Published by HS Today 1 September 2020
Insider threat is a serious issue that can be harmful to any organization. Take a few moments to learn how to prevent insider threat by reading six different perspectives from leading cybersecurity and IT experts. Don’t forget its National Insider Awareness month!
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Russian Arrested For Trying to Recruit an Insider and Hack a Nevada Company

Published by ZDNet 26 August 2020
A Nevada company’s employee, in partnership with the FBI, was able to prevent a Russian group from launching a planned ransomware attack. The FBI was brought in when the employee was approached by a member of the group in a recruiting attempt.
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FBI Arrests Border Patrol Agent for Narcotics Trafficking

Published by HS Today 11 August 2020


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport was the scene of a recent alleged case of drug trafficking. A vehicle at the airport was found with two bags that were filled with fentanyl, cocaine and heroin. The bags were traced to a Border Patrol Agent, who is now facing up to life in prison and multiple charges.


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Soft Skill Strategies for Handling Insider Threats Ethically

Published by Info Security Group 6 July 2020


Insider threat can be detrimental to your organization; that’s why it’s important to have a strategy in place. This article provides detailed information on different, proactive tactics to mitigate against possible threats. Info Security Group says, “While technical skills and knowledge are critical in the information security landscape, it is unquestionably important to remember that insider threats involve humans, hence, we cannot neglect the use of soft skills to manage incidents.”


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Protecting From Insider Threats in The Transportation Sector

Published by Federal News Network 1 June 2020

Learn more about protecting against insider threat with Transportation Security Specialist, Dean Walter and Supervisory Air Marshal in Charge, Serge Potapov. They both join Tom Temin, via podcast, as they discuss insider threats in the transportation sector.

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Insider Threat Roadmap 2020

Published by The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has released a new Insider Threat Roadmap. The roadmap focuses on three overarching priorities:
1) promoting data-driven decision making to detect threats;
2) advancing operational capability to deter threats; and
3) maturing capabilities to mitigate threats to the transportation sector.

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Insider Threat in Civil Aviation

Published by The International Air Transport Association (IATA)

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) provides an in-depth look into the impact insider threat has within the aviation industry. IATA gives a detailed description of insider threat and offers guidance to help operators mitigate possible risks. IATA also outlines the importance of having security measures in place to ensure proper visibility and awareness of the issue, with the purpose of putting a stop to it as soon as possible.

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Department of Homeland Security - Insider Threat Overview

Published by DHS

It's important to educate yourself on the topic 'insider threat' so you can know what signs to look for and how to prevent the threat. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides detailed information on their approach to help mitigate the risks and other helpful resources. DHS states, "Increasingly, insider threat cases and high-profile data leaks illustrate the need for strong insider threat programs within organizations. The number of infamous and damaging attacks against the government illustrates that the threat posed by trusted insiders is significant."

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Innocent Insider Threats: Defending Against Human Error

Published by Intelligent CIO 21 April 2020

The topic of insider threat involves entities or individuals that have access to and/or knowledge of an organization that is not intended for the public eye. The most common type of insider threat stems from employee’s lack of knowledge, which would be detrimental to an organization. It could be as simple as human error or employee's not following company guidelines. It’s important your organization have programs in place to avoid falling victim to these threats.

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3 Tips to Stay Secure When You Lose an Employee

Published by Dark Reading 10 March 2020

Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ says it perfectly, “People come and go so quickly…” This still rings true today with regards to company turnover rates. Some employees stay with a company for years, some only a few weeks. Whatever the case - when a company and employee go their separate ways, it is important to have proper precautions in place to mitigate possible threats. This article spotlights three tips on how to remain secure when ending a business relationship.

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A Study of Insider Threat; What Can We Do to Alter User Behaviour and 
Mitigate the Risk of Insider Threats

Published by IS Decisions

The topic of ‘Insider Threat’ is something all business entities should be aware of. A recent study gives an in-depth look into this important subject and different ways to help reduce exposure. The study focuses on four critical areas of insider threat:

1. Six common insider threat personas
2. Password sharing
3. User awareness
4. How to mitigate risk

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Thai Soldier Dead After Killing at Least 29 in Shooting Rampage

Published by NBC News 9 February 2020

A dispute over money instigated a Thai soldier to open fire on others, wounding 27 and killing 29, according to the country’s prime minister. The shooting originated on a military base and then expanded to other parts of Nakhon Ratchasima where the gunman engaged in a 10-hour standoff with police at a nearby mall.

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Indictment: Ex-Raytheon Engineer in Tucson Traveled to China With Missile Data on Laptop

Published by the Tuscon Daily Star 5 February 2020

After he was specifically instructed not to take his employer-owned laptop with him to Asia, an ex-Raytheon engineer did just that. The laptop, which held sensitive data on the company’s missile systems, was used in Hong Kong, Cambodia and China. Now, he faces an indictment for violating the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR).

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'Careful Who You Hire': Gas Station Employee Steals $17,000 Worth of Items, Employment Folder

Published by KSBW 8 News 4 February 2020

A brand-new gas station employee took over $17,000 in items and his employment folder. The store owner, who does not know the man’s name, discovered the theft after checking his store’s camera through an application on his cellphone and seeing the employee was gone.

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Containing the Threat From Within: The Growing Risk of Insider Attacks

Published by Forbes magazine 31 January 2020

Large companies like Capital One and Tesla have recently become victims of insider attacks, highlighting the need for companies to take notice of models like zero trust.

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'Pressured' Postal Worker in Virginia Hid Undelivered Mail in Storage Unit: Reports

Published by Fox News 30 January 2020

Citing pressure and not having enough time, a worker with the United States Postal Service kept mail in a storage facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia, instead of delivering it. The undelivered mail included tax return documents, mail from the Department of Motor Vehicles, mail from the IRS and bank statements.

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Fake Exec Tricks New York City Medical Center into Sharing Patient Info

Published by infosececurity magazine 30 January 2020

A medical center in New York City is re-examining its cybersecurity defenses after it fell victim to a phishing scam. After claiming to be an executive of the facility, an unauthorized actor received personal information on 674 patients.

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Insider Threat Mitigation

Published by the Department of Homeland Security

Does your company have an insider threat program? This set of tools from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) shows you how to designate a senior manager, implement a formal training and awareness program, develop governance and policy documents, and more.

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Fatal Shootings at US Military Bases Highlight Unexpected and Growing Threat -- Insiders With Access Badges

Published by ABC News 11 December 2019

Insiders with access to secured areas is a very serious growing threat. Two shootings on military bases just days apart highlight the need for a deeper look into insider threat and access badge security.

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A Guide to Insider Threats

Posted by Geraldine Strawbridge with Meta Compliance 17 September 2019

Insider threats can come from anywhere within your organization. Learning the warning signs and preparing a defense can help you mitigate the risk to your company.

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Security Inside and Out: Why Organizations Need Protection From Insider Threats

Posted by David Shephard with CSO on 1 July 2019

Security breaches caused by disgruntled, careless or negligent employees has risen significantly in recent times. In response, company security has had to change their focus and work to fight internal as well as external threats.

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Is Your Company Safe From Insider Threat?

Posted by Claudia Culmone on 28 January 2019

First, what is an insider threat? According to the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) 2018 Report of the Aviation Security Advisory Committee on Insider Threats at Airports, “The term insider threat refers to individuals with privileged access to sensitive areas and/or information, who intentionally or unwittingly misuse or allow others to misuse this access to exploit vulnerabilities in an effort to compromise security, facilitate criminal activity, terrorism, or other illicit actions which inflict harm to people, an organization, the air transportation system or national security.”

With that definition in mind, let’s examine the components of insider threat and how you can protect your operation from them.

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