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State of Transportation Security: Preparing for Physical, Cyber, and Drone Threats

Published by Homeland Security Today 13 September 2021

"In the past 5 years, TSA has grown and matured as an organization, and has taken a more proactive approach to aviation security.

Although much has changed in 20 years, many of the fundamental security challenges facing the nation’s transportation system have not. The threat of terrorism – state sponsored and otherwise – is very real. Our aviation, maritime and public transportation systems remain attractive “soft targets” for terrorists and bad actors: critical to our economy and national security, used by millions of people and businesses every day, and highly interdependent. A single attack on one part of the system can have ripple effects on the entire network."

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IATA backs European digital covid certificate as global standard

Published by Aviation Business News 27 August 2021

"IATA has commended the European Commission for its leadership and speed in delivering the EU Digital Covid Certificate (DCC) and urged states to make it their global standard for digital vaccine certificates."

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Latest coronavirus travel advice: Seven destinations will be added to the UK government's green list on 30 August: Liechtenstein, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Switzerland, Canada and the Azores

Published by Skyscanner 27 August 2021

Before destination decisions are made, refer to the publications submitted by health organizations. Travel information for individuals destined to and from Europe continues to evolve with the virus.

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Confusion at Kabul airport, insufficient information from Ottawa impeding Canada’s rescue efforts, evacuees say

Published by The Globe and Mail 23 August 2021

American and Afghan citizens are not the only individuals having difficulty at the Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. Many citizens of Canada who are applying pressure to be permitted inside the airport gates, are unhappy about their county’s inability to get them evacuated from Kabul.  


Additionally, information contradictions are not making the situation any more tolerable to those desperately trying to depart Afghanistan.


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Red alert sounded at Bhubaneswar airport after Al-Qaeda threat to Delhi's IGI

Published by India Today 10 August 2021

There is a potential for great inconvenience for some airline passengers at Biju Patnaik International Airport. A stark warning was issued by the director amid a terrorist threat notification that was received by way of an email by India's government. That airport will be under stringent restrictions for ten days, August 10 - 20, while all other airports in India also received the notice.  

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Fake grenade caused airport threat delaying United Airlines at Frankfurt

Distributed by Aviation Nepal 6 August 2021

Whether it is a toy, or an objet d'art, if the item looks like an explosive device, it is best to leave it behind or risk a flight delay, hefty fine and more. 

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Operation STOP: securing borders from transnational crime

Published by Interpol 3 August 2021

New training and data programs provided by Interpol to officers in various security capacities in Accra, Ghana, helped them stop an individual from creating further harm. One advantage of the program is it allows officers to perform rapid border checks, broadening international criminal detection.  

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Brazil Seizes Turkish Charter Jet in Cocaine Bust

Published by AINonline 5 August 2021

Flight crewmembers may find themselves under investigation if illegal items are found in their private passengers' luggage. Law enforcement in Brazil are interrogating four crewmembers after their passenger's luggage was found to contain 1,304 kilos of cocaine.

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Two passengers fined $16K for using fake vaccination cards to fly from US to Canada

Published by The Hill 2 August 2021

Most countries are requiring travelers to have vaccination cards before they can enter the country. In Canada, people face a fine of up to $750,000 and a prison term of six months if they present vaccination documents that are fake. 

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Published by Business Jet Traveler July 2021

Canada is rolling out a phased process for allowing non-Canadians to enter the country. At least 14 days must pass before fully vaccinated travelers can enter the country and the vaccine they get must be one that is approved by the Canadian government. 

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Organized Crime Warning Issued to Port and Airport Workers

Published by Homeland Security Today 31 July 2021

COVID-19 has been especially difficult for workers at airports, many of whom have been placed on long-term furloughs. Financial challenges for these workers puts them at risk to be exploited by organized crime groups, according to the United Kingdom's National Crime Agency.   

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Stolen equipment, drones pose challenges for firefighters

Published by Yahoo! News 21 July 2021

Aircraft are an essential tool in fighting fires. They have the capability to carry thousands of gallons of water and retardant, and drop their loads in areas unreachable by firefighters on the ground. In Canada, however, drones and boaters are presenting a challenge for these aircraft.   

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38 arrested as national law enforcement drive targets child traffickers

Published by National Crime Agency 17 July 2021

As law enforcement agencies initiate more crackdowns to identify and apprehend people engaging in human trafficking activity, more victims are rescued. Just recently, 27 adults and 72 children were identified as potential trafficking victims in a law enforcement operation conducted in the United Kingdom.   

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U.K.’s Largest Airport Group Brings Cybersecurity In-House

Published by Homeland Security Today 16 July 2021

As the number of cyber crimes continues to grow, aviation groups may need to make changes in how they manage their security. Just recently, the security operations of the Manchester Airport Group have been switched to an in-house operation from an outsourced model.   

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The Importance Of Rescue Missions Against Human Trafficking

Published by The Organization for World Peace 11 July 2021

Once a person or child is in the control of human traffickers, it is almost impossible for them to escape. These victims are held against their will for months and years, and many are never seen again. Organizations that help these victims play a vital role in bringing this practice to an eventual end.   

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US Air Force, UK detect dozens of drones violating military airspace using new technology

Published by Stars and Stripes 25 June 2021

Within the United Kingdom (UK), drone operators must follow strict guidelines on where they are allowed to fly their drones. One of these guidelines prohibits drones from military airspace.  

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Boosting regional capacity to detect fake travel documents

Published by Interpol 23 June 2021

Interpol and its partner, Regula, recently provided training on travel document counterfeiting to Brazilian forensic document examiners, immigration representatives, document experts and border control officers. The training is an effort to prevent terrorists and criminals from using fake documents to travel internationally.  

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Air France 787 In Bomb Scare At Paris Charles De Gaulle

Published by Simple Flying 4 June 2021

Questions still abound over how and why a bomb threat was transmitted directly to a commercial pilot over the radio. Authorities diverted the aircraft to a secluded security area at Charles de Gaulle airport in response to the threat.  

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U.K.’s New Permit-Based Border System Aims to Identify Threats Before They Reach the Country

Published by Homeland Security Today 24 May 2021

The United Kingdom (U.K.) is tightening its borders in an effort to combat human trafficking and smuggling as well as illegal entry. Now, an electronic permit will need to be obtained by anyone wishing to travel to the U.K. 

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Air India: Supplier Breach Hit 4.5 Million Passengers

Published by Infosecurity Magazine 24 May 2021

When a security breach occurs, it affects not only the company, but customers. At least five commercial airlines and 4.5 million passengers were victims of a data breach involving a supplier. 

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Deputy Assistant Commissioner Warns About the Impact of COVID-19 on Terrorism

Published by Counter Terrorism Policing 11 May 2021

One common tactic of terrorist or extremist organizations is to feed into the fears that people may be experiencing, and they are actively using COVID-19 to recruit new members. "...Counter Terrorism Policing and the UK Intelligence Services have foiled four potential terror attacks during the pandemic..." 

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Flights delayed at Adelaide Airport after system failure causes security breach and evacuation

Published by ABC News 26 April 2021

To ensure the security and safety of passengers and staff, airports may require the complete evacuation of aircraft and terminals in the event of a security breach. This is exactly what happened in Adelaide, Australia, at the Adelaide Airport. 

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Forger ran fake passport factory from his attic

Published by National Crime Agency 21 April 2021
There are many reasons why a person decides to engage in criminal activity. One of these is a gambling habit and this was cited as the cause of one man's decision to forge hundreds of international passports. 
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Security Beefed Up At Airports Over Report of Planned Attack

Published by Nigerian Tribune 12 April 2021

Even in the middle of a pandemic, airports and aviation continue to be targets for those who are planning acts of violence. Several Nigerian airports have been named in attack threats issued by "criminal elements" according to an alert issued by the country's Ministry of Aviation.

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VIDEO: Six arrested in Indian airport for smuggling 5.5kg gold in their wigs

Published by Gulf Today 23 March 2021

Air travelers should inform authorities when they are carrying gold, and pay any required fees. When they try to circumvent security by hiding this precious metal, they can find themselves facing criminal charges of gold smuggling.

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Money launderer tried to leave Heathrow with suitcases stuffed full of cash

Published by National Crime Agency 10 March 2021

Criminal groups routinely filter money from illegal activities through a number of channels in order to conceal where it came from. This process is known as money laundering. A man in the United Kingdom will serve time in jail after he admitted to committing money laundering offenses. The man was attempting to board a flight to Dubai when he was stopped by authorities. 

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Man jailed after shining laser at police helicopter

Published by BBC News 26 February 2021
The U.S. isn't the only country that has a problem with people shining lasers at aircraft. In this particular case, a judge in West Yorkshire, England, reprimanded a convicted laser attack offender after the man claimed in his defense that he thought the helicopter was a UFO.
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Convicted Terrorist Arrested at Heathrow Airport on Return to U.K.

Published by Homeland Security Today 6 February 2021
A man convicted on terrorism charges in Turkey is now facing additional terrorism charges in Britain. Seven counts of terrorism have been filed, claiming the man shared publications of public executions and beheadings produced by the Islamic State.
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Police Remove Mask Refuser From Lufthansa A330 In Frankfurt

Published by Simple Flying 4 February 2021
It’s not new information, that while traveling, you must wear a mask. In some cases, passengers may have medical reasons that excuses them from wearing a mask. This specific airline, Lufthansa, stated that, “Passengers with valid medical exemptions can travel without a face cover with a Lufthansa certificate signed by their doctor, in addition to a negative COVID-19 test.” A man was removed from a Lufthansa flight after violating the mask policy.
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Aden International Airport Attacked After Arrival of New Government Members

Published by Homeland Security Today 4 January 2021
More than 100 people were injured, and a minimum of 26 people died, after an attack at Yemen’s Aden International Airport. The attack coincided with the arrival of new government members on an aircraft, but it is unknown if the attack was directly connected to this event.
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Bomb Threat Forces Passenger Plane From Russia to Evacuate at JFK

Published by Fox News 7 December 2020
250 passengers were forced to evacuate an aircraft after landing at JFK airport due, to a bomb threat. No information concerning the threat was available. The flight originated from Moscow, Russia.
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PNG's Tokua Airport Re-Opens After Security Breach and Day Closure

Published by Papua New Guinea Today 6 December 2020
In East New Britain Province, several terminal doors at Tokua Airport were breached early Sunday morning after a large fight broke out. The fight started when a group of students at the airport were attacked and robbed by 20 individuals.
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Hacker Sells Access to Pakistani Airlines' Network

Published by Info Security Magazine 10 November 2020
Ransomware attacks are growing, and hackers are finding it lucrative to offer access to company networks online. Recently, one airline found its network under threat by a hacker who claims to have obtained sensitive information belonging to network users.
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Border Patrol Works with Mexican Officials to Identify Laser-Pointing Culprits

Published by Homeland Security Today 3 November 2020
Just imagine. You’re a pilot flying an aircraft, and your eyesight is hindered due to a laser being pointed at you. Not only is everyone on the aircraft at risk, but also the people on the ground. Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations Yuma Air Branch and Mexican officials are trying to put a stop to “lasing,” as this is causing major problems for aircraft flying along the international border.
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No Security Screening at Some Regional Australian Airports Under New Federal Government Rule

Published by 4 November 2020
Aviation security in Australian airports are making some changes. Some airports will require more security, and some will require less. See exactly what changes are being made at these airports and how they will impact travelers.
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Mexican Military Take Down Plane With £14m Worth of Cocaine On Board

Published by the LAD Bible 28 October 2020
Drug trafficking in Mexico isn’t anything out of the ordinary for the Mexican Military. In fact, it happens quite often, and traffickers are utilizing private jets to transport their cargo. A Mexican official states, “...this is a nightly occurrence... Every night we have between two and three, sometimes four, tracks coming our way.” In a recent event, a jet was forced to land after the military detected drugs were on board.
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Aviation Security on the Spotlight

Published by The Star 19 October 2020
Aviation security in Africa has come under new scrutiny. Questions have begun to emerge as to how a suspected terrorist was able to pass through several African countries before his true identity was revealed by a security system in Senegal. Traveling as a Vietnamese pilot, the man was attempting to hide from authorities and an international warrant of arrest. 
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Customs Seizes 39,000 Yaba Pills From Saudi Arabia-Bound Garments Consignment in Dhaka

Published by BD News24 16 October 2020
Everyone enjoys a nice, cozy sweater during the fall and winter months. However, these particular sweaters were used to conceal yaba pills. According to the Department of Justice, “Yaba is a combination of methamphetamine (a powerful and addictive stimulant) and caffeine. Yaba, which means crazy medicine in Thai, is produced in Southeast and East Asia.”
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Prague Airport Enhances Cyberattack Protection with New Cyber Security Operational Center

Published by Aviation Pros 1 October 2020
Cybersecurity is crucial in protecting the aviation industry. In the Czech Republic, a new cybersecurity center has been opened at Václav Havel Airport Prague. Aviation Pros states, “The new Cyber Security Operational Centre (CSOC) is designed to strengthen the protection of the strategic infrastructure of the largest international airport in the country against cyberattacks and to prevent the misuse of airport information systems.”
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TSA and CBP announce the expansion of Preclearance

Published by Transportation Security Administration 29 September 2020
Have you heard of the Preclearance program? The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) defines Preclearance as “...a partnership through which governments authorize CBP to station personnel at airports to complete customs, immigration, and agriculture inspections of travelers before they board flights bound for the United States. Precleared travelers bypass CBP and TSA security inspections upon arrival in the United States, saving valuable time as they proceed to connecting flights or their destination.”
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European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) #notonmyflight

Published by European Union Aviation Safety Agency
Unruly aircraft passengers create a security and safety risk. In response to an increase of incidents, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has launched a new education campaign called #notonmyflight. EASA states, “These incidents have a direct impact on both the safety of crew and of passengers. Any kind of unruly or disruptive behaviour whether related to intoxication, aggression or other factors introduces an unnecessary risk to the normal operation of a flight.”
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Passengers Threatened Flight Attendant, Grabbed Bags During Emergency Evacuation

Published by Paddle Your Own Kanoo 3 September 2020
When an accident occurs while onboard an aircraft, flight attendants are responsible for the safety of the passengers. Passengers can prevent injury and unnecessary risks by following their instructions. Failure to do so puts not only the passengers, but the crew in danger.
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Passenger Used Emergency Exit to Step on Aircraft Wing

Published by 112 Ukraine 1 September 2020
Taking a stroll down the wing of an aircraft is highly discouraged in today’s world. One lady has been blacklisted by UIA airlines after she decided to do just that. Emergency exits on an aircraft should be used for emergency purposes only.
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CBP Collects $575,000 from Pure Circle U.S.A. for Stevia Imports Made with Forced Labor

Published by U.S. Customs and Border Protection 13 August 2020


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) provides the following definition of forced labor: “Victims of forced labor could be found in factories, on farms, doing construction work, and more. Very often victims are forced to manufacture or grow products that we use and consume every day. Through force, fraud, or coercion, victims are made to work for little or no pay.” Did you know that through the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015, forced labor-produced goods cannot be imported into the United Sates? One company learned the hard way when they were cited civil penalties in the amount of $575,000.


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Saudi Customs Train Dogs to Sniff Out Infected Air Travelers

Published by AviationPros 5 August 2020


Are you a dog lover? Instead of testing for COVID-19 with a swab, what about testing with specially trained dogs that can smell for the virus? Well, you are in luck! If you happen to pass through Saudi Customs, you will be met with a virus sniffing canine. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no trained virus sniffing cats.


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Airforwarders Association: How to Handle the All-Cargo Screening Mandate

Published by Aircargo News 6 June 2020


The convenience of ordering services and goods online have helped many throughout these past few months. Since the rise in all-cargo flights, there will a new screening process. Aircargo states, “Starting in June 2021, shipments flying on international all-cargo flights will have to be screened with the same scrutiny of cargo transported on passenger planes or received from a US Transportation Security Administration (TSA)-regulated entity that has applied appropriate security controls.”


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FAA-Issued Overseas NOTAMs/SFARs

Released by Federal Aviation Administration 23 June 2020

Canada to Require Temperature Screening at Airports

Published by Homeland Security Today 15 June 2020
Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) has some new security changes taking place. Due to the concern of COVID-19, starting at the end of June, HS Today states, “Canada will now require temperature screenings for all passengers travelling to Canada or travelers departing Canadian airports for either international or domestic destinations.”
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Why Business Leaders Use Private Aviation

Published by BM Magazine 27 May 2020
There are a variety of reasons people fly private: comfort, no long wait times, easy access to flight, privacy, security and the use of practical safety measures. Traveling private can be a much safer alternative these days, especially during the current pandemic. See what business executives are saying about the use of private aviation options and why they prefer it.
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What Security Leaders Can Learn From The Coronavirus Threat

Published by Security 3 March 2020

Detailed reports regarding the coronavirus threat continue to document the severity, spread and necessary steps to contain this pandemic. Security leadership focus on the protection of an organization, from loss prevention all the way to securing the facility. It’s important for these leaders to remember that employees and management are also part of an organization; their safety and security should be a high priority. As such, there are steps that can be taken to mitigate employee exposure to this virus and other possible health risks.

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Airports To Introduce New Security Protocol

Published by The Hindu 17 May 2020
Everyone is anxious for the current lockdown requirements to end. In India, new security measures are taking off as airports prepare for upcoming travel. The Hindu article states, “According to the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security sources, frisking and pat-down search of passengers will be stopped till further notice. In case of any unresolved alarm triggered by Hand Held Metal Detectors (HHMDs) even after repeated attempts, passengers will be denied entry into aircraft and security personnel will be helped by their supervisors for appropriate action.”
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COVID-19 Testing is Moving Into Airports

Published by SF Gate 15 April 2020
In order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, some international airports are starting to implement on-site testing. Emirates airline (located at Dubai International Airport), is one of the first airlines to conduct pre-departure testing. This article gives a glimpse into their world and how they are trying to combat the spread of this deadly disease. SF Gate states, “The airline, working with the Dubai Health Authority, takes passenger blood samples at the airport before departure and said it can obtain test results within 10 minutes. The first test of the system was conducted this week on passengers traveling on an Emirates flight to Tunisia.”
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FAA-Issued Overseas NOTAMs/SFARs

Released by Federal Aviation Administration 20 February 2020
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Nine Killed at Two Shisha Bars in Germany in Suspected Far-Right Attack

Published by CNN 20 February 2020
An investigation is underway after a man opened fire at two Turkish bars in the city of Hanau, Germany. The gunman is suspected to have a far-right background and Turkey has called the shooting, which resulted in the death of 11 people, including the gunman and his mother, an act of racism while Germany is treating it as a terrorism attack.
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Islamic State's South Asia Branch Poses Security Threat to Nations Neighboring Afghanistan: UN Report

Published by The Tribune 11 February 2020

The United Nations has released a new report stating the Islamic State in Iraq is actively forming contacts with other terrorist groups, publishing propaganda and recruiting new members. Countries that neighbor Afghanistan could find themselves facing an increased security threat due to these activities.

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Feds Are Lining Up More Indictments Related to Chinese Cyber-Activity, Officials Say

Published by cyberscoop 6 February 2020

Federal officials allege that China is conducting cyber attacks on U.S. companies through the use of contractors. To combat this economic espionage, the U.S. Department of Justice has stated that new indictments alleging insider threats and cyber hacking will soon be issued against Chinese nationals.

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Only Three of The Top 100 International Airports Pass Basic Security Checks

Published by ZDNet 3 February 2020

International airports everywhere may want to look more closely at the cybersecurity measures used by Dublin International Airport, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Helsinki Vantaa Airport. A new report shows they were the only three to pass basic security checks. The report was compiled by ImmuniWeb, a cybersecurity firm, and contains the results of scans that tested each airport’s mobile application security; dark web exposure, code repositories and cloud; and main website security.

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