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October 9, 2022

Criminal History Records Check (CHRC)

Claudia Culmone


Depending on the type of transportation (e.g. aviation) operation, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires a fingerprint-based Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) on certain individuals, as described by the Code of Federal Regulations, who perform certain security-sensitive job functions. For example, a CHRC must be completed for all flight crew personnel on aircraft that operates commercially and has a maximum certificated takeoff weight (MTOW) of greater than 12,500 pounds. Also, all individuals who have unescorted access to Secure Identification Display Areas (SIDA), and all individuals who perform screening functions for passengers, checked baggage and cargo require a CHRC.

In addition:

  • Aircraft operators must collect, control and process fingerprints through a NATA Compliance Services (NATACS).
  • Certified Fingerprint Technician, or under the direct observation of a qualified employee or by a Law Enforcement Officer.
  • NATACS has been working with TSA to fulfill the requirement since its inception.
  • NATACS developed methods to maintain clear chain of custody, and uses both electronic and inkless scanning approved by the FBI and TSA.
  • NATACS' fingerprint collection locations and processes are convenient and flexible.

Who needs a CHRC?

Anyone in a TSA Standard Security Program

  • MD-3


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