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Client Login Request Demo
Background Checks

Verifying credentials

The purpose of requiring certain background checks within the transportation sector is to verify the applicant meets eligibility requirements. Our safety and security compliance platform enables you to manage your background checks quickly and efficiently.

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Background checks & much more.

A single, all-in-one platform.

Order and track all your requests.  After you submit your background check order to us, log into the platform and monitor its progress.  

No need to go anywhere else.  You receive an automated notice when records are received so you can log into the platform and review them. Plus, you retain unlimited access to those records, so you are always prepared for an inspection.




Specializing in regulatory

Background Checks

When requesting a FAA or DOT records check, you know that one piece of missing information or error can cost you time, money and aggravation. We act as your Designated Agent, giving you the power to focus on other things.


FAA - Federal Aviation Administration



TSA - Transportation Security Administration


DOT - Department of Transportation


Additional Background Checks

Magnify the knowledge provided by an applicant's resume and/or regulatory background checks with these supplemental requests.


Employment Background Verification

Review an applicant's previous work history, including any gaps in employment or military service. Order for each employer.

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Motor Vehicle Driving Record Check

Examine an applicant's driving history for past motor vehicle violations as well as driver's license suspensions and revocations.

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Federal Aviation Administration Certificate - License Check

Verify the validity of an applicant's certificates and licenses issued by the FAA as part of the hiring process.

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FAA Accident / Incident & Enforcement Report

Look deeper into a pilot or applicant's history for reported accidents and incidents to the FAA. the process

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