Our Identity

Who We Are

Security, Safety & Compliance of our Industry are at the Heart of Everything We Do.

The team at NATA CS is comprised of industry experts with one North Star: to deliver our platform and our services with unequivocal trust and integrity, making our industry safer and more secure with everything we do.

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What we stand for.

In our commitment to each other and to our shared goals, we pledge to uphold a set of principles that ensure we operate with clarity, support and unwavering dedication. Our seven commitments outline the principles that foster a culture of responsiveness, accountability, innovation and unity. Together we strive to maintain our status as the most trusted and innovative platform in compliance, safety and security across all sectors we serve.

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What we commit to:

1.   Unified Mission Focus.

Every action and decision we make is in line with our shared mission. By standing together, we propel our platform to lead in innovation and trust, outpacing our competitors in compliance and regulatory fulfillment. 

2.   Transparent Communication

We believe in keeping each other informed with open, timely and clear communication. This is essential not just for effective teamwork but also for making empowered decisions that keep our standards high and our operations seamless.

3.   Mutual Support & Responsiveness

We are committed to being there for each other - reliable, ready and responsive. This mutual support is the backbone of our trusted team dynamics, crucial for upholding the safety and compliance that our critical operations demand.

4.   Adaptability & Flexibility

The only constant in our industry is change, and we embrace it together. Our ability to quickly adapt and pivot keeps us ahead, enabling us to tackle challenges swiftly and seize opportunities faster than ever.

5.  Empowerment & Delegation

We empower each team member by clearly defining roles and responsibilities. This enables us all to act decisively and effectively, enhancing our collective ability to meet challenges head-on.

6.   Continuous Improvement & Learning

As a team, we continuously push the boundaries of what we know and how we operate. Our commitment to earning and evolving not only keeps our skills sharp but also ensures we're always at the cutting edge of compliance, safety and security standards.

7.   Accountability & Integrity

We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards of integrity and accountability. In every aspect of our work, especially in ensuring the safety, security and compliance of the industries we serve, we are united in our commitment to deliver on our promises.

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Core purpose

Our Mission.

Our purpose is to deliver high-quality regulatory and non-regulatory safety and security technological solutions for aviation businesses, through steady study, persistent problem-solving and effective and efficient execution.