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Anti-Drug & Alcohol Program Management

Safeguarding transportation networks

Managing an Anti-Drug & Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program requires you to not only understand multiple federal regulations but adhere to them. Our platform provides everything you need to successfully run your program.

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Safety Matters

An Integrated Anti-Drug & Alcohol Platform

Our security and compliance platform empowers you with the ability to monitor your individual employees while overseeing your company's adherence to federal rules so you are always prepared for an inspection.

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Online Forms

Electronic Custody & Control Forms

Tired of using paper Federal Custody and Control Forms? Within the platform, generate an electronic version which can be emailed to your applicant/employee within minutes.

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Online Ordering & Integrated Scheduling

Easily locate a collection site near your applicant/employee and then monitor the status of the test online. Maintain full control of the entire process from start to finish.

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Random List

Random Drug & Alcohol List Generation

View your random drug and alcohol selection list at any time within the platform. Monitor testing rates and download random selection reports for inspection purposes.

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Online Training & Webinars

Order training for employees and supervisors that can be accessed from any location with an internet connection and take advantage of our free educational webinars for drug program managers.

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Program Onboarding

Setting you up for success.

Receive personalized guidance through every step of the procedure to set your Anti-Drug & Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program up within our platform.

Anti-Drug & Alcohol Program Features

In addition to handling all your applicant and employee testing within our platform, you can also order drug and alcohol history checks and training, enabling you to manage every aspect of your Anti-Drug & Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program in one place.



Pre-Employment Testing

Schedule and order your pre-employment tests within our safety compliance platform. Then monitor the status of the test so you can onboard that safety-sensitive applicant once you receive the verified negative result.

Drug & Alcohol History Check

Don't have the time to manually submit and track drug and alcohol history checks? With our platform, you don't have to! Just fill out and send us the appropriate order form and we'll act as your designated agent.

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Online Training & Webinars

Give your employees the ability to complete federally required drug and alcohol training on their schedule while tracking their progress within the platform.

We also offer free webinars to help you be successful in your role as a Drug Program Manager.



Randoms & Other Testing

Need to order random collections or other drug and alcohol tests? That's no problem with electronic scheduling and electronic Federal Custody and Control forms. Monitor the entire testing process to mitigate the risk of errors.