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Client Login Request Demo
Client Login Request Demo
Known Crewmember® Program

Reach your flights faster

Nobody wants to stand in long security lines at the airport and be surrounded by disgruntled passengers.

When you enroll in the Known Crewmember® Program, you don't have to!

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Known Crewmember® Program

"The best thing our company has ever done!"

We all know our Time is valuable, which is why there's a saying, ' Time is money'; but pilots and flight crews waste a lot of it going through general security and TSA PreCheck lines. The Known Crewmember® Program eliminates this problem with  exclusive Access Points designated specifically for authorized KCM® badge holders.


NOTE:  KCM® will be transferring to Expedited Crew Access (ECA). Stay tuned for more information.

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How KCM® Works

Simple steps to get things rolling.

Our safety and security compliance platform breaks down the KCM® enrollment process into five manageable parts, making it easier for your company administrators to understand and execute.

1.  Complete KCM® Application

Within the compliance platform, your air charter operation must have its TSA security program confirmed and receive approval to participate in the KCM® program. 

2.  Fingerprint Employees

All KCM® eligible employees must complete a fingerprint-based Criminal History Records Check (CHRC) before they can be enrolled in the program. 

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3.  Enroll Eligible Employees

Your company administrators can enroll eligible employees into the KCM® program with a simple click in the platform.

4.  Request Badges

Upon being enrolled, your employee receives an automated email, instructing them to log into their employee dashboard and complete certain enrollment actions. 

5.  Authenticate Badges

After your company receives the KCM® badge and barcode token, there is an activation process you and the employee will need to complete.

Badge Access Management

Our platform makes managing KCM® easy.

With a user-friendly interface that automates and streamlines the process, our platform's key features include: 

  • Authenticate badges
  • Renew & reorder badges
  • Run consolidated reports
  • Generate inspection documentation
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