Federal Regulations Requirement

Under the Code of Federal Regulations, employees and applicants of TSA Security Programs may be required to submit to a fingerprint-based Criminal History Records Check (CHRC). NATACS has the authority to capture and submit biometric and biographic information, in compliance with these regulations.

Fingerprinting Programs


What is the TFFSP?

Twelve-Five Standard Security Program (TFSSP)


What is the PCSSP?

Private Charter Standard Security Program (PCSSP)


Ready for fingerprinting?

Flight Training Security Program (FTSP)


Flying to DCA?

DCA-Access Standard Security Program (DASSP)


How do I apply?

Maryland Three Program (MD-3)


What is the AOSSP?

Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program (AOSSP)


Do I need this?

Full All-Cargo Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program (FACAOSSP)

TSA Trusted Agents


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