Drug and Alcohol Program Management

Let us help you manage your Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program

We are dedicated to helping our clients develop programs that provide accurate, fast, and reliable solutions for a safe and compliant drug-free workplace.  Acting as your Third Party Administrator (TPA), NATACS is your "One Stop" solution for your entire drug and alcohol program needs including company policy templates, program setup, assistance with regulations, and administration.

Our Drug and Alcohol Program Management services consist of:

  • Laboratory and Collection Site Set Up and Coordination
  • Medical Review Officer Services
  • Random Drug and Alcohol List generation
  • Substance Abuse Referral Services
  • Audit Preparation Assistance
  • Audit Corrective Action Assistance
  • Notification of updates to rules and regulations
  • Liaison between operator and the FAA Drug Abatement Division
  • Coordination of testing requirements for: Pre-employment drug testing, Reasonable Suspicion drug/alcohol testing,  Post-Accident drug/alcohol testing, Return-to-Duty drug/alcohol testing, and Follow Up drug/alcohol testing
  • Training Materials
  • On-line Document Management
  • Provision of Custody and Control Foms

When can I start drug testing my employees after I sign up with NATA Compliance Services? 

  • Once you receive the Custody and Control Forms (CCF), you can begin testing your employees. You will receive your forms within 10 days after you sign on.

If you are interested in learning more about our drug program, we offer a free DPM webinar (see upcoming dates below). To register for the next webinar, click here!

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