Expedited Crew Access (ECA)

Creating a smooth transition to the new ECA program.

Navigating Change

You can always count on NATA CS to keep you informed and make sure your transition to the Expedited Crew Access (ECA) program is seamless. Here are some questions and updates to help you grasp the new program and get ready for it.


What is Expedited Crew Access?

In simple terms, ECA is a TSA regulated program that will replace the Known Crewmember® (KCM®) Program.

What should I expect?

NATA CS is actively working with TSA to ensure a smooth and streamlined transition from KCM® to ECA within its safety and security platform. Our team is proactively updating our training, compliance and data management systems to meet ECA requirements, ensuring you can participate in both KCM® and ECA programs effortlessly until the transition to the ECA; there is no need for you to complete a new enrollment.

What can I do now?

Ask your KCM® enrolled employees to log into their employee dashboard and complete the "KCM Additional Information" item. This includes entering their passport information. This is not required for program participation at this time, but will affect their access to airport ECA entry points when the program is launched.

Stay tuned.

We will provide you with more information concerning the transition as it becomes available.

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