Fingerprint Technician Training

Become a NATACS-Certified Fingerprint Technician!

There are many benefits to becoming a fingerprint collector with us.
  • Add fingerprinting services for aviation security training to your company’s list of services
  • Collect fingerprints for various aviation programs (PCSSP, DASSP, TFSSP, MD-3, AFSP)
  • You control the fingerprinting process at your training facility
  • And many more

We will train you to take some of the highest quality prints possible and allowing you to become a “trusted agent” for TSA fingerprinting.


  • Must be a citizen of the United States
  • Must pass various background checks, including Criminal History Records Checks (CHRC)
  • Must be able to attend online training
  • Must pass written and practical tests
  • Must adhere to TSA-approved procedures
  • Must have computer with Internet access


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